السلام عليكم


dont over genocide yourself, take a few days off and go to the beach. bomb hard play hard i always say #LittleIsraelThings

it’s hard enough when your parents drag your ass all the way back to the home country every year for 2 months because they like it there while you don’t have anyone to hang out except your cousins who are all married and with 3.7 kids already and you spend your days watching TV with the AC to the max and kinda feel miserable but when your aunts and neighbors and their neighbors come to visit too at ungodly hours without even calling first and they catch you in your pajamas looking like shit and start gushing about how much you’ve grown up and that now you “look like a real woman now by the way do you remember my son you used to play together when you were three years old would you like to marry him” THATS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU CANT GO BACK TO THE HOME COUNTRY SAFELY